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About Us

About Us 

Siem Shipping Inc., originally trading under the name STAR Reefers, dates back to the mid 90’s and is the result of numerous single ship acquisitions and corporate mergers. 


Siem Shipping Inc. found its beginnings when the Anglo-Norwegian financial group Siem Industries Inc. (Siem Group) invested in Swan Shipping in 2000.  This investment alongside various single ship acquisitions formed Star Reefers Inc, which was renamed in 2012 to its current name Siem Shipping Inc. Today, Siem Shipping is an owner and operator of vessels engaged in various types of international shipping, including reefer, car and bulk vessels. 


Star Reefers – The Company operates in the specialised reefer industry as STAR Reefers where it is a leading global owner and operator of refrigerated vessels, directly controlling 26 vessels with a total capacity of 15 million cbft.


Siem Car Carriers – Siem Car Carriers is a member of the Siem group specialising in transporting automobiles, high and heavy equipment and break bulk cargo.


Siem Bulk – Siem Bulk is a member of the Siem Shipping Inc. group dedicated to the transportation of bulk cargo, and operates in the Handy to Ultra segment.


Siem Ship Management – Siem Ship Management Sp. z o.o is part of the Siem Shipping Inc. group and was formed in 2006 in order to allow the management of Siem vessels to be internalised.


Siem RoRo – Siem RoRo is a member of the Siem group and owner of RoRo vessels which are chartered to international operators on long term bareboat charters.



Board of directors



Kristian Siem



Kristian Siem has been a Director of Siem Industries since 1982. He is also Chairman of Subsea 7 SA and Siem Shipping Inc. (formerly Star Reefers Inc.) and is a Director of Siem Offshore Inc. and Frupor S.A., Portugal. Mr. Siem is a Norwegian citizen.




Mike Delouche




Mr. Michael Delouche is the President and the Secretary of Siem Industries Inc. He is also a director of Subsea 7 Inc. and Siem Offshore Inc. He holds a B.S. in Civil Engineering (Structures) and an MBA. Mike was a manager with KPMG prior to joining the Group in 1991. He is a US citizen.



Harald Kuznik




Mr. Harald Kuznik is a consultant for shipping companies on financing and other banking matters. Mr. Kuznik retired as Global Head of Shipping at HSH Nordbank AG in Germany in 2010. Mr. Kuznik is an economist and lawyer by education and a German citizen.


Sasha Siem




Ms. Sasha Siem is a daughter of Kristian Siem. Her educational background includes a MA, Mphil from Cambridge University, PhD from Harvard University, and she is also an Academic Fellow of Columbia University. She is a UK citizen.


Carsten Plougmann Andersen



Mr. Plougmann Andersen has over 40 years experience from Maersk, and was the CEO from 2004 for Maersk Supply Service until he retired June 2015. Mr. Plougmann Andersen is a Danish citizen.




Management Team


Kenneth Ross

Chief Executive Officer



Charles Bondi

Chief Financial Officer



Edward Dempster

Group Risk Manager Insurance and Claims



Alex Gregg-Smith

Vice President Technical


Investor Relations

Press release

Corporate documents

Documents name
SSI Report to Shareholders for 2H and Prelim 2018
SSI Financial Report and AGM – 28.02.2019
SSI Report to Shareholders 1H 2018 – 02.08.2018
SSI 2018 AGM Minutes – 03.05.2018
SSI Acquire 131,850 Treasury Shares – 12.04.2018
SSI 2018 AGM Notice Proxy – 06.04.2018
SSI Report to Shareholders for 2H and Prelim 2017 – 07.03.2018
SSI 2018 Financial Calendar – 10.01.2018
SSI Annual Report 2017 – 31.12.2017
SSI Sale of Durban Star – 18.12.2017
SSI Acquires Two Modern 4900 CEU PCTC – 06.10.2017
SSI Sale of Honduras Star – 06.10.2017
SSI Sale of Cape Town Star – 27.09.2017
SSI Sale of Avila Star – 21.09.2017
SSI Report to Shareholders 1H2017 – 31.07.2017
SSI 2017 Financial Calendar – 27.06.2017
SSI 2017 AGM Minutes – 05.05.2017
SSI Letter to Shareholders – 06.04.2017
SSI 2017 AGM Notice Proxy – 31.03.2017
SSI Date for AGM 2017 – 31.03.2017
SSI Q4 2016 Report Change of Release Date – 08.03.2017
SSI Report to Shareholders 4Q 2016 and Full Year 2016 – 08.03.2017
SSI 2016 Q4 Report – 27.02.2017
SSI 2016 Annual Report – 31.12.2016
SSI Report to Shareholders 3Q 2016 and First 9 Months – 24.10.2016
SSI Delisting – 14.10.2016
SSI Delisting Approved – 14.10.2016
SSI Charters 2 Newbuildings for Minimum of 5 Years – 21.07.2016
SSI K. Eidesvik Resigns from Board – 21.07.2016
SSI Organisational Changes – 20.07.2016
SSI – Renewal of Charter – 20.07.2016
SSI Changes to Board – 20.07.2016
SSI Financial Calendar – 21.06.2016
SSI 2016 EGM Meeting Announcement – 17.06.2016
SSI 2016 EGM Minutes – 17.06.2016
SSI Form of Proxy for EGM – 17.06.2016
SSI Notice of EGM – 17.06.2016
SSI Notice of EGM and Proxy Statement – 25.05.2016
SSI Report to Shareholders 1Q 2016 – 09.05.2016
SSI 2016 AGM Minutes – 06.05.2016
SSI 2016 AGM Proxy Card – 06.05.2016
SSI 2016 AGM Notice – 20.04.2016
SSI 2016 AGM Proxy Statement – 20.04.2016
SSI Share Buy Back Cancellation of Shares – 10.03.2016
SSI Report to Shareholders 4Q 2015 and Full Year 2015 – 22.02.2016
SSI Acceptance Form – 01.02.2016
SSI – Voluntary Buy Back Offer – 31.01.2016
SSI Extending Voluntary Offer to Buy Back Shares – 31.01.2016
SSI Offer Letter – 31.01.2016
SSI Share Buy Back Completed – 22.01.2016
SSI Press Release Management – 12.01.2016
SSI 2015 Annual Report – 31.12.2015
SSI Report to Shareholders 3Q 2015 and First 9 Months – 26.10.2015
SSI Report to Shareholders 2Q 2015 and 1H 2015 – 27.07.2015
SSI Cancellation of Treasury Shares – 08.05.2015
SSI 2015 Annual Report Publishing Announcement – 06.05.2016
SSI Report to Shareholders 1Q 2015 – 04.05.2015
SSI 2015 AGM Proxy Card – 01.05.2015
SSI 2015 AGM Minutes – 01.05.2015
SSI 2015 AGM Proxy Statement – 13.04.2015
SSI 2015 AGM Notice – 13.04.2015
SSI Honduras Star Sale Cancelled – 02.04.2015
SSI Report to Shareholders 4Q 2014 and Full Year 2014 – 23.02.2015
SSI 2015 Financial Calendar – 31.12.2014
SSI 2014 Annual Report – 31.12.2014
SSI Acquires 2 Modern Reefer Vessels – 31.12.2014
SSI Agrees to Sale of 2 Older Vessels – 31.12.2014
SSI Offer Letter – 16.12.2014
SSI Acceptance Form – 15.12.2014
SSI Buy-back of Shares – 09.12.2014
SSI Report to Shareholders 3Q 2014 and First 9 Months – 24.10.2014
SSI Report to Shareholders 2Q 2014 and 1H 2014 – 25.07.2014
SSI Notification of Trade – 19.05.2014
SSI Report to Shareholders 1Q 2014 – 02.05.2014
SSI 2014 AGM Proxy – 02.05.2014
SSI 2014 AGM Notice – 09.04.2014
SSI Report to Shareholders 4Q 2013 and Full Year 2013 – 17.02.2014
SSI 2013 Annual Report – 31.12.2013
SSI Report to Shareholders 3Q 2013 – 25.10.2013
SSI Report to Shareholders 2Q 2013 – 26.07.2013
SSI 2013 AGM Minutes – 03.05.2013
SSI 2013 AGM Proxy – 03.05.2013
SSI Report to Shareholders 1Q 2013 – 26.04.2013
SSI 2013 AGM Proxy Statement – 12.04.2013
SSI 2013 AGM Notice – 12.04.2013
SSI 2014 AGM Proxy Statement – 09.04.2013
Siem Shipping Report to Shareholders 4Q 2012 and Full Year 2012 – 18.02.2013
SSI Financing Secured for extension of 4 C-Class Vessels – 31.01.2013
SSI 2012 Annual Report – 31.12.2012
SSI Report to Shareholders 3Q 2012 and First 9 Months – 26.10.2012
SSI Report to Shareholders 2Q 2012 and 1H 2012 – 27.07.2012
SSI Ordering of two PCTC vessels 01.06.2012
SSI Certificate of Incorporation – 11.05.2012
SRI 2012 AGM Minutes – 07.05.2012
SSI Amended Articles of Association 2011 – 07.05.2012
SRI Report to Shareholders 1Q 2012 – 27.04.2012
SSI Sells 2 Vessels in Fujairah for Scrapping – 24.02.2012
Star Reefers Report to Shareholders 4Q 2011 and Full Year 2011 – 14.02.2012
SRI 2011 Annual Report – 31.12.2011
SRI Report to Shareholders 3Q 2011 and First 9 Months – 21.10.2011
SRI Report to Shareholders 1Q 2011 and 1H 2011 – 22.07.2011
SRI 2011 AGM Proxy Card – 09.05.2011
SRI 2011 AGM Minutes – 09.05.2011
SRI Report to Shareholders 1Q 2011 – 29.04.2011
SRI 2011 AGM Proxy Statement – 11.04.2011
SRI 2011 AGM Notice – 11.04.2011
Star Reefers News Issue 24 – 28.02.2011
Star Reefers Report to Shareholders 4Q 2010 and Full Year 2010 – 11.02.2011
SRI 2010 Annual Report – 31.12.2010
Star Reefers News Issue 23 – 30.11.2010
Wireframe Glossary Pro SEO Seminar London – 26.10.2010
SRI Report to Shareholders Q3 and First 9 months 2010 – 21.10.2010
Star Reefers News Issue 22 – 30.09.2010
SRI Report to Shareholders 2Q 2010- 22.07.2010
SRI Report to Shareholders 1Q 2010 – 26.04.2010
SRI Final Results of Subsequent Offering – 26.03.2010
SRI Subsequent Offering Completed – 11.03.2010
Star Reefers Report to Shareholders 4Q 2009 and Full Year 2009 – 11.02.2010
SRI 2009 Annual Report – 31.12.2009
SRI Private Placement Presentation – 31.12.2009
SRI Commencement of Subscription Period for Subsequent Offering – 15.12.2009
SRI Share Capital Increase – 15.12.2009
SRI Report to Shareholders 3Q – 22.10.2009
SRI Charters 4 New Vessels for 10 Years – 25.09.2009
SRI Report to Shareholders 2Q 2009 and 1H 2009 – 23.07.2009
SRI Report to Shareholders 2Q – 23.07.2009
SRI Termination of Charters – 02.06.2009
SRI 2009 AGM Proxy Card – 08.05.2009
SRI 2009 AGM Minutes – 08.05.2009
SRI Report to Shareholders 1Q – 23.04.2009
SRI 2009 AGM Proxy Statement – 03.04.2009
SRI 2009 AGM Notice – 03.04.2009
SRI Delivery of Cote d’Ivorian Star – 02.04.2009
Star Reefers Prospectus – 24.03.2009
SRI Delivery of Colombian Star – 03.03.2009
SRI Acquires 2 Modern Reefer Vessels – 02.03.2009
SRI 2009 AGM Notice – 17.02.2009
SRI Report to Shareholders 4Q 2008 and Full Year 2008 – 11.02.2009
SRI 2008 Annual Report – 31.12.2008
SRI Report to Shareholders 3Q 2008 – 23.10.2008
SRI Report to Shareholders 2Q 2008 – 24.07.2008
SRI 2008 AGM Proxy Card – 08.07.2008
SRI Articles of Association 2007 Revision – 08.07.2008
SRI 2008 AGM Minutes – 08.07.2008
SRI Exercise of Purchase for 2 Reefer Vessels – 16.06.2008
SRI Agrees to Time Charter 4 Reefer Vessels – 30.04.2018
SRI Report to Shareholders 1Q 2008 – 24.04.2008
SRI 2008 AGM Proxy Statement – 04.04.2008
SRI Equity Ratio – 31.03.2008
SRI Dole Vessel Charter – 17.03.2008
SRI Report to Shareholders 4Q 2007 and Full Year 2007 – 08.02.2008
SRI 2007 Annual Report – 31.12.2007
SRI Report to Shareholders 3Q 2007 – 24.10.2007
SRI Acquires Two Modern Reefer Vessels – 19.09.2007
SRI Q2 Report 2007 Presentation – 06.09.2007
SRI Announcement Q2 Report 2007 Presentation – 31.08.2007
SRI Report to Shareholders 2Q 2007 – 25.07.2007
SRI 2007 AGM Minutes – 10.07.2007
SRI 2007 AGM – Ole Martin Siem Appointed Chairman – 10.07.2007
SRI Report to Shareholders 1Q 2007 – 25.04.2007
SRI Annual Information – 02.04.2007
SRI Q1 Report 2007 Presentation – 31.03.2007
SRI Report to Shareholders 4Q 2006 and Full Year 2006 – 12.02.2007
SRI 2006 Annual Report – 31.12.2006
SRI Q4 Report 2005 Presentation – 31.12.2006
SRI Q3 Report 2006 Presentation – 25.10.2006
SRI Report to Shareholders 3Q 2006 – 25.10.2006
SRI Report to Shareholders 2Q 2006 – 26.07.2006
SRI 2006 AGM Minutes – 12.07.2006
SRI Report to Shareholders 1Q 2006 – 25.04.2006
SRI 2006 AGM Notice – 21.04.2006
SRI 33000 Option Shares Issued – 07.03.2006
SRI Employee Declared Options for 33000 Shares – 01.03.2006
SRI Report to Shareholders 4Q 2005 and Full Year 2005 – 21.02.2006
SRI 2005 Annual Report – 31.12.2005
SRI Launch New Specialised Reefer – 20.12.2005
SRI Oslo Bors Presentation – 17.11.2005
SRI Q3 Report 2005 Presentation – 26.10.2005
SRI Report to Shareholders 3Q 2005 – 25.10.2005
SRI 2500 Option Shares Issued – 15.08.2005
SRI Employee Declares 2500 Stock Options – 03.08.2005
SRI Notification of Trade – 29.07.2005
SRI Q2 Report 2005 Presentation – 28.07.2005
SRI Proforma Figures – 26.07.2005
SRI New Board Member – 15.07.2005
SRI 2005 AGM Proxy – 15.07.2005
SRI AGM Minutes – 15.07.2005
SRI Report to Shareholders 2Q 2005 – 27.05.2005
SRI Report to Shareholders 1Q 2005 – 27.04.2005
SRI Notice of AGM – 11.04.2005
SRI Preliminary Results 2004 – 03.03.2005
SRI Report to Shareholders 4Q 2004 and Full Year 2004 – 28.02.2005
SRI 2004 Annual Report – 31.12.2004
SRI Presentation – 23.11.2004
SRI Report to Shareholders 3Q 2004 – 01.11.2004
SRI Report to Shareholders 3Q 2004 – 01.11.2004
SRI Report to Shareholders 2Q 2004 – 02.08.2004
SRI Stock Options – 13.07.2004
SRI Reefer Market Presentation – 25.05.2004
SRI Report to Shareholders 1Q 2004 – 24.05.2004
SRI Strategy and Action Plans Presentation – 03.03.2004
Star Reefers Starboard Vol 1 – 01.03.2004
SRI IFRS Transition – 01.01.2004
SRI Annual Report 2003 – 31.12.2003
Star Reefers Starboard Vol 4 – 01.12.2003
Star Reefers Inc Report to Shareholders 3Q 2003 – 25.11.2003
SRI Strategy and Action Plans Presentation – 04.11.2003
Star Reefers Starboard Vol 3 – 01.11.2003
Star Reefers Starboard Vol 2 – 01.07.2003
Star Reefers Inc Report to Shareholders 1Q 2003 – 27.05.2003
Star Reefers Starboard Vol 1 – 01.04.2003
SRI Lloyd’s List Article – 04.03.2003
Star Reefers Inc Report to Shareholders 4Q 2002 – 28.02.2003
Star Reefers Report to Shareholders 4Q 2003 and Full Year 2003 – 27.02.2004
NYK Star Reefers Press Release – 18.02.2003
SRI Annual Report 2002 – 31.12.2002
Star Reefers Starboard Vol 4 – 01.12.2002
Star Reefers Inc Report to Shareholders 3Q 2002 – 29.11.2002
SRI Notification of Trade – 31.10.2002
SRI Issuance of 77054 Scrip Shares – 30.10.2002
SRI EGM Minutes Oct 2002 – 14.10.2002
SRI Acquires Vessels from Chiquita – 19.09.2002
Star Reefers Starboard Vol 3 – 01.09.2002
SRI AGM Minutes Aug 2002 – 30.08.2002
Star Reefers Inc Report to Shareholders 2Q 2002 – 28.08.2002
SRI AGM Meeting 10 Cent Dividend – 26.07.2002
Star Reefers Starboard Vol 2- 01.07.2002
Star Reefers Inc Report to Shareholders 1Q 2002 – 29.05.2002
SRI Sale of 2 Vessels – 29.05.2002
SRI Change of Board – 10.04.2002
SRI Earnings Recover and Future Consolidation – 01.04.2002
NYK Annual Report – 31.03.2002
Star Reefers Starboard Vol 1 – 01.03.2002
SRI New Zealand Service – 20.02.2002
Star Reefers Annual Report 2001 – 31.12.2001
Swan Reefer Inc Report to Shareholders 2Q 2001 – 29.08.2001
SRI Acquires Albion Reefers Ltd – 1.07.2001
Swan Reefer Inc Report to Shareholders 1Q 2001 – 22.05.2001
Swan Reefer ASA Report to Shareholders 4Q 2000 – 22.02.2001
Swan Reefer ASA Press Release – 05.01.2001
Swan Reefer ASA Press Release 2000 – 04.12.2000
Swan Reefer ASA Report to Shareholders 3Q 2000 – 30.11.2000
Swan Reefer ASA Organizational Change 2000 – 13.09.2000
Swan Reefer ASA Report to Shareholders 2Q 2000 – 25.08.2000
Swan Reefer ASA Report to Shareholders 1Q 2000 – 24.05.2000
Swan Reefer ASA Preliminary Report for 1999 – 25.02.2000
Swan Reefer ASA Report to Shareholders 3Q 1999 – 12.11.1999
Swan Reefer ASA Report to Shareholders 1H 1999 – 31.08.1999
Swan Reefer ASA Report to Shareholders 1Q 1999 – 20.05.1999

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